Friday, 1 April 2011

Out and about on Tuesday!

I wondered if planning permission would be given on this little old cottage?

Needs a bit of work don't you think!

Then I came across these two handsome Cydesdale Stallions out in the hills......

They were in different fields well separated to keep them from fighting!


  1. I love to look at your pictures-so beautiful!

  2. Kay, I love seeing all the pictures you post, especially of the Scottish countryside. Beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful part of our world you do live in - I love your photos!

  4. The cottage looks like maybe it was between the Clydesdales when someone left the gate open!

    Beautiful photos. :D

  5. Kay,

    I think the real estate agent would call that cottage a renovators dream!

    Judy B

  6. Thanks for another day in the Highlands.

  7. The cottage is practically ready to move in to!! The horses are magnificent!!


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